Investing In Legacy Food Storage

Legacy Food Storage is a very bright spot in a growing sea of food storage companies that supply various and sundry pitches and points of interest in the food storage niche. In a study done by an independent third party, Legacy was found to be the only company that not only has a certifiable and verifiable shelf life of 25 plus years, but also has been judged by consumers to have the best tasting food. And is small wonder, since Legacy has spent a great deal of time and effort over the past several years, huddling with gourmet chefs, just to develop that sort of result.

The recipes that have developed, are created quite a stir among food storage enthusiasts, because now the food is being categorized as quite a good choice for current mealtime simply because it is delicious, and the price is very competitive. It is one thing to stock up on food for emergencies, which Legacy does very well, with its double Mylar bags, stored in stackable, plastic containers, but it is quite another to be known as the storable food that everyone wants to eat immediately.

The whole world is becoming quite concerned about the GMO, or genetically modified organisms, by which much of the food of the world is affected. With the advent of autism and its prevalence coming out of nowhere, and the drastic increase of obesity, diabetes, and other major diseases on the increase, people are concerned. Legacy Food Storage guarantees that 100% of its food is non-GMO, as well as being non-MSG, another troublesome ingredient found in many foods.

Legacy has drastically decreased the amount of sodium in its foods by 50%. The food is also free of any hydrogenated oils, yeast extract, artificial flavors, and caramel color. Legacy does business under the brand names of Prepare Wise and Buy Emergency Foods, and also is available online.

The company is not too shy about comparing its advantages against its competitors, such as Wise Foods, Daily Bread, and Emergency Essentials. They draw a comparison across 21 categories unabashedly drawing the comparisons, in which Legacy does well. Pricing and flavor are the two things that their customer’s site as being standout features. Of course, how food tastes is a big thing with all of us anyway, but price can be the determining factor when comes down to decision time.

As an example of how consumer oriented the company has become is illustrated by a recent statement by Prepare Wise, in regard to the objectives of Legacy Food Storage and its marketing partners. Their mission statement states that their main objective is to help and assist families in preparing for emergencies by providing the most cost effective and best tasting freeze dried food that can be found anywhere.

They claim to be able to provide the most economical choice for long-term food and freeze dried meals due to the low costs per day per serving. The incredible value of the food due to its gourmet emphasis, offers larger than normal portions, with free shipping for any item that is found on its website.

Legacy Food Storage is getting quite a bit of notice from everyone who is involved with food storage, and that number is continuing to grow exponentially.

Posted by Clayton T. Meador


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